WELCOME to the world tour rowing page. We are rowing in Europe, the Americas and in Asia - Partake in rowing trips and row around the world. Enjoy rowing in the world's most beautiful rivers and lakes with us. We offer specialized guided rowing tours throughout the nicest areas of all continents. You can be sure that one of our tours is the perfect match for you.

Arcachon - coastal rowing

Amsterdam Tour

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Rowing in Europe is an international organization with hubs in the USA and Switzerland. The organization is managed by Volker Fritz. Volker started rowing in the late seventies as a junior and rowed in several regatta events. Today he coaches the recreational rowers in his home club. For several years he has participated in recreational tours and now organizes rowing tours for recreational and tour

Our tours are guided by experienced guides only. Our partners guides meet our high standards and our partner clubs in the world supply support at highest level. We maintain worldwide relationships with local clubs which enables us to adjust our tours and respond to emergencies quickly and effectively.


Gosen Creek, Germany

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Rowing in Europe provides adventurous rowing tours in many countries in the world. Our specialty: European countries. You also find us in all continents. We are rowing in Asia, rowing in Europe or rowing the Americas... simply rowing the world:We organize annual tours in North America, Asia and Europe. We are constantly expanding our tour selection to explore new places, so feel free to contact us about touring anywhere you wish.


Rowing Oxford -London

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Our team maintains excellent contacts to the local rowing of your country selected.
We speak your language as well as
the local language, so every tour will be fun for you.