WELCOME to the world tour rowing page. We are rowing in Europe, the Americas and in Asia - Partake in rowing trips and row around the world. Enjoy rowing in the world's most beautiful rivers and lakes with us. We offer specialized guided rowing tours throughout the nicest areas of all continents. You can be sure that one of our tours is the perfect match for you.

Rowing in Europe is presently the rowing tour and travel operator with the widest network and deepest connection in the tour rowing world. We operate our own tours and we connect tour rowers to partner operators in all parts of the world. The trips are professionally organized. Volker and his Team of guides and crewss want your trip to become a success.

Join the No.1 Team
Already have your group together and trip planned, but would like a local helping hand? The local knowledge our guides bring to the table is irreplaceable. Tell us exactly where you would like to row, how many people will be involved, and organizing your tour won't be an issue. Not sure what the best river is or which city you should choose? We will help you find that unforgettable place. We will ensure that your trip goes smoothly and all accomodations are accounted for.

Our Team is international and well experianced.

Volker Guide Europe, Asia, North America
Christoph Guide Europe, Germany, Switzerland, Austria, France
Diana, Joe Guides Germany, USA
Monry Guide VAE
Tim, Volker Guide China
Egil Guide Nordic Countries
Hans-Heinrich Guide East Europe