WELCOME to the world tour rowing page. We are rowing in Europe, the Americas and in Asia - Partake in rowing trips and row around the world. Enjoy rowing in the world's most beautiful rivers and lakes with us. We offer specialized guided rowing tours throughout the nicest areas of all continents. You can be sure that one of our tours is the perfect match for you.


Saint Petersburg, Russia

" ......Volker and Team: Saint Petersburg was a great tour. Thanks for rowing into all this tiny canals and full-filling my extra wishes. Great pleasure....." Julie

Rowing in Lithuania

"..What a great rowing adventure... positively surprised by the boats.... we had a super international crew, multi-lingual communication and very good hosts. All perfectly guided by HH and his wife... Always again..." , Alan


Rowing club at the Elbe Rver

Bohemian Tour

"...I have been with Volker for the 3rd time. This was the best tour.... as always good organisation, good food and great rowing.. I loved the international participation (5 nations). Czech like heavy food...." Kerstin,

Canada tour, Rideau Canal and Toronto

"... this tour is better than the brochure....", " ... good lunches.... what a great group of people we met. We are really glad we decided to join this tour. My highlight was the trip to the fish restaurant...." Cat,


Toronto Skyline

Berlin Tour, Spreewald Tour

".. with 4 shells the logistics were well organized. Daily trips were very challenging. Good rowing skills of participants...... I do not forget the wonderful places we had our rests and the great lunch brakes. Real adventure tour. Will do it again. " Civil A.

"Great rowing resort...have visited 3 Museums..... I liked getting the food and drinks right at the water. Well done. "
- Tom

"I liked the idea of starting with canoes and switching to the quads later"
- Henry


Rowing in Belgium, Ghent

Ghent, Belgium

"What a wonderful tour, I enjoyed very much Bruges and Ghent. Ghent and the rivers in the south were for sure my highlights. Didn't mind eating french fries every day." Julia 2015

"Good boats, good accomodation. Well organized Volk." HCW,


Swift Racing boats ensure maximum performance.

Thames River - Oxford to Kensington

"Thank you Volk for this magnificent tour. Thames river is smaller than expected but even more beautiful. Rowing dominates the river.Thanks to Volk's contacts, we found wonderful places to eat and drink. My highlights? Henley, Leander, Windsor. Compliment to the rowers on the trip: Very skillful recreational rowing..." - Pavel


Arcachon, France - Coastal Rowing trip

".. well done team. Even I do not like oysters very much, the places we had our "pit stops" were magnificant. The ocean gets really bumpy sometimes. ... great to stop at the see the Dune de Pyla..." Julie

" ...super adventure, this was a very different experiance from my home rowing base. Bit bumpy, bit wet but overall great rowing. Good selection of restaurants and destinations. RIE team did awsome support. Thanks Volk..."


Amsterdam Tour

"Amsterdam is worth a trip. Volker and his Team did a perfect planning. Windmills and Vangogh - what a combinaiton."
- Valery

"Great rowing on Amstel river. Did not expect such a wonderful river."
- Chris

"Where did you take us Volker? Couldn't get enough of the "grachts" (Canals). Careful and wonderful rowing. Lots of action in Amsterdam."
- Fred

" Wow. What a memory rowing the Amstel river and canals of Amsterdam The picturesque skyline, seeing the boathouses from another perspective, navigating thru bridges, pausing to let swan pass by are all memories the will last a lifetime and it is all thanks to Volker and Rowing in Europe. I cannot thank him enough for allowing me to have this experiance...they were responsive, friendly and made it easy for a NJ girl... Dont be shy, contact Volker and get rowing. Have your camera ready...
- Tara


Alpine Lake Tours

4 quad on the lake. The atmosphere was nice, many helping hands, good rowing level and perfect organisation"
- Ines

"The "cheffe" had it all organized again. Low water on the lake made more km possible. Sunny, super rowing event"
- Conny

"We enjoyed the little prosecco break in the boats and the excellent food at the canoe restaurant. Will always come back"
- Marc

"Lake Lucerne was amazing. Water and mountains. We even jumped in an 8+ from a local club. Thanks Volk"
- Sarah

"Aiquebelette is probably one of the nicest lakes in the world. Green and blue colors. "
- Gareth

" Wow, Lake Geneva and Lago Maggiore in 3 days. Cannot tell which lake is nicer. Volker, thank you for making this possible."
- Ruth


Lake Starnberg and Munich Tour

Rowing and sightseeing was organized well. I did not know, that there are so many different roses as seen on the 'Rose Island'. Lots of 'singing in the rain'"
- Julia

Rhine River Tour

"..magnificant, real nice area, pricing ok, some porting was needed, but everybody was very helpfull...Good company, 4 day trip too short, make it 5 days with less stress.."
- Pivo


"Great. We did not know that Berlin was such a great city. We liked the molecule man."
- Pedro

"Volker organized this tour real well. Hotel ok, Trip wonderful, weather couldn't have been better."
- Inga

"Switzerland was beautiful, the water was dreamy and the tour was magnificent. I will be going on another rowing tour."
- Adrian,