WELCOME to the world tour rowing page. We are rowing in Europe, the Americas and in Asia - Partake in rowing trips and row around the world. Enjoy rowing in the world's most beautiful rivers and lakes with us. We offer specialized guided rowing tours throughout the nicest areas of all continents. You can be sure that one of our tours is the perfect match for you.

Rowing Camps and Rowing Clinics

Join our rowing centers in Europe and the United States

We want you to enjoy our Rowing Camp. All participants should return to their home destination with a fantastic memory of rowing experiance and an unforgettable vacation time.
We have choosen Italy and Portugal as prime destinations in Europe. Best places to combine rowing with vacation.

Both places are probably the most wanted countries for rowing camps in Europe. Exquisite accomodation at all price levels and perfect rowing water. Most partaking participants bring their partners for enjoyable daytrips and enjoy the culinary richness of the countries.

Many Europeans join our camps in the USA as a starting point for their vacation: Learn or improve the rowing skill before taking part of a longer rowing tour on US - or Canadian Rivers. Quiet often rowing camps are the beginning of a 2 week vacation on the North American Continent.

Crew camps for Masters Crews, University and College crews. We offer a full package of European Rowing Camps. Ask for the "all inclusive" packages.

Rowing Camps for all. From Novice to Masters Rowers

Rowing in Europe and SWIFT Racing offer a unique to learn to row program.
These programs offer a wide range of rowing lessons. All lessons are coached and instructed by experianced coaches with international rowing experiance (Medal Winners). We offer

"Single (Skiff) - ready" in a week - From novice to intermediate rowing

Novices and beginners -
Learn to row program. Learn the basics of rowing and be able to row with an intermediate team after a week

Intermediate and Masters -
Perfect your technique and personnel style, increase body movement and boats speed

Crew Camps: Ask for a complete service available in Germany, Italy, France and Switzerland. Want your crew to participate at a regatta? Ask us.

Our camps feature SWIFT RACING and other fine rowing boats

Learning and developing your rowing skills

Our Rowing Camps and Clinics program last between 2-7 days, depending on the participants request. A typical day has 2 rowing lessons - in the morning, mid-morning or the afternoon. We make sure, that there is enough time for sightseeing and cultural exploration.

2018 camp dates:

Niffer, FR

more dates to come

Varese, IT 2018
March. 12-18 (PB) sold out
March, 19-25 (PB)sold out
April, 07-10 (TM) sold out
April, 10-13 (TM) sold out
April, 09-15 (PB) 2 spots available

Summercamp Varese
July 16-22 (TM)
July 23-29 (TM)

Aviz Portugal, 2018
April 09-12 sold out

USA 2018
February, 19-22 sold out

Please ask for detailed information and ask for team discount.

Ask for camp infos in Germany and the USA.
"All inclusive" and "individual packages"
Email us: Volker@rowing-in-europe.com