WELCOME to the world tour rowing page. We are rowing in Europe, the Americas and in Asia - Partake in rowing trips and row around the world. Enjoy rowing in the world's most beautiful rivers and lakes with us. We offer specialized guided rowing tours throughout the nicest areas of all continents. You can be sure that one of our tours is the perfect match for you.

Belgium Rowing in Ghent

Regular scheduled Tours in Europe and the World

Planned guided tours are ideal for all recreational rowers. The route is set, boats are ready, and accomodations are all taken care of. These are known waterways which means little to no surprises along with a relatively precise time schedule. More tours and the complete 2018 plan can be requested by email. Check also our "Mini Tours for the weekend" [103 KB]


Tour 1: Berlin and Spreewald
Spreewald Tour to Berlin.
ca. 190 Km,

Tour 2: Best of Berlin
Berlin at its best.
From East to West
5 Days in October

Tour 3: Swiss Lakes , Minitours [103 KB]
long week end tour

Tour 4: Alpine Lakes [103 KB]

Tour 5: Romantic Moselle Tour

Simply beautiful, starting at 1100 Euro/week
Tour starts in August

Tour 6: Coastal Rowing in Frankreich [1'567 KB]
In May: Bay of Arcachon.

Tour 7/8/9: Norwegen [3'736 KB]
Oslofjord and Telemark Canal? Maybe the Viking Trail? [4'783 KB]

Tour 10: Rowing in Eastern Europe
Poland [4'404 KB]
Estonia [4'026 KB]
Latvia [4'747 KB]

Tour 11: Portugal the Duero River [4'918 KB]
Rowing, Wine and Dine, one great week.
120km wonderful adventure

Tour 12/13:
Rowing in Poland [4'404 KB]
Rowing on the Wartha River
1 Week, local charme and great scenery.

Tour 14: England, Thames classic,
Join us for the Henley Race and the Tour
Oxford to London. Limited seats

Tour 15/16: Amsterdam, Canals and Rivers
Tour in 2018: 4 Days in August

Tour 17: Canal Du Midi
Toulouse, Canal du midi, 6 Tage, 200 Km, Date:Info here, [1'488 KB]

Tour 18: Lake Tour France - Mountain Lakes
Lake Aiguebelette
Lake Annecy, Aix Lex Bains

Tour 19: Alpine Lakes [103 KB]
Lago di Como /Lake Geneva
Lago di Lugano, Lago Maggiore

Tour 20: Praha to Dresden, Elbe to Vlatava

Asia and China:
Fuyang and1000 Island Lake [2'294 KB]

Duba UAE
Super Rowing in the middle East. 1 Week [3'833 KB]

Rowing on the Rideau Kanal
150 Km canadian wildness. Fantastic water ways
Rowing the Algonquin Park [3'787 KB]
Rowing and Rafting
Rowing in Florida
- sorry folks - this tour already gone.
Rowing in Oregon
we are working on this.

Coastal Rowing in France [1'593 KB]
Bay of Archachon, Altlantik


Vogalonga, Boat rental, Seat rental Info here [8'660 KB]

Traversee de Paris, Boat rental.
Info here [2'076 KB]

Amsterdam, Boat rental. Info here [612 KB]

Berlin, Boat trental

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