WELCOME to the world tour rowing page. We are rowing in Europe, the Americas and in Asia - Partake in rowing trips and row around the world. Enjoy rowing in the world's most beautiful rivers and lakes with us. We offer specialized guided rowing tours throughout the nicest areas of all continents. You can be sure that one of our tours is the perfect match for you.

Rowing in Canada

Use contact page for information

  • Cost per person/seat
  • Accomodation in Clubhouses or
  • 3* Hotels / B&B Hostels
  • Rooms: double occupancy
  • Breakfast / Lunch / Picnic / Water
  • Alcohol is not included
  • Boat rentals
  • Seat fee

Please note: All Tour prices depend very much on no. of participants the rowing days and season.

The cost per person is based on a minimum of 10 Persons

Additional services available upon request.

Please note: We offer weekend tours for less than 400€, the lowest tweekly our price starts at 850€, the most expensive tour costs 2750€. Best would be you check with us.

Please contact us for current prices and to get a quote for you and your team.
Ask for tour schedule 2018 or send us an email for the latest tour schedule.

Please contact us for current prices and get a quote for you and your team.

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