Wickelfisch Wiggle Fish – Dry Bag

Unlike most other dry bags, the Wickelfisch bag is made of lightweight, durable ripstop nylon that is not only waterproof, but if folded properly with air contained inside the bag, it floats and can double as a swim pillow. Simply pack your  belongings inside the bag and roll down the top seven times while leaving air trapped inside. Strap the bag around your waist with the carrying strap and go for a swim. Rowing Fish or Wickelfisch  bags are available in two sizes and several vibrant colors, and can be customized with logos or other designs. 4 and 33 liters.

Rowing Fish/ Wickefisch big:    – 33ltr: 28.90 CHF/ 24.00€
Rowing Fish Wickelfisch small: – 4 ltr: 18.00 CHF/ 15.00€

plus shipping costs.

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The Bag is a fun, fish shaped, waterproof, and easy to carry swim and dry bag. It allows you to take your belongings with you while you row away or while floating down a river when it is not always convenient to leave your belongings behind.  It is also perfect for keeping your clothes and personal gear dry and protected during aquatic activities.


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