Tours in Asia/UAE

Dubai, UAE

Dubai, UAE

Rowing in Dubai March 10-13/2019

Rowing in Dubai – Winter Escape. Join our tour in the United Arabian Emira...

China Fuyang Area

China Fuyang Area

Rowing in China Sep. 29-Oct. 07 / 2019

The Qiandao Lake ( Thousand Island Lake and the Fuyang River) In ...

Do you know you knew your schedule?

Day Tours: If you’re only in town for a few days, or would like to extend a business trip for pleasure, contact us. We are eager to help you create an unforgettable rowing experience. Berlin, Amsterdam, and Lucerne are a few of our favorite daily tours.

City Tours: Visiting a new city and want to explore its waters? Berlin, Zürich, Constance, Lyon, Paris, and Marseille are only a few of the city tours we offer. Allow us to add an exclusive sightseeing adventure to your vacation. Get some one of a kind pictures from a great new perspective. Check out the Amsterdam city tour videofor
some great footage.

Weekly Tours: Weekly tours range from 3 to 10 days and let you experience Europe like never before. You may choose to join one of our planned tours, or we can work with you to create your very own route. Finding a place you would like to row can be easy in Europe. Where do you dream of rowing? If you already have your group together or a tour in mind, contact us to set it up.

Custom Tours: Do you have special plans? Maybe a themed rowing event or you want to take your wedding party into rowing boats? Would you like to plan a trip to a Masters Event? Want to participate at a race and need accomodation? Contact us and we will help, we can work together to make your dreams become a reality.