Rowing and Swimming Backpack (€ 26.00 CHF 30.00 for Rowers w/ID, plus transport)

  • waterproop, swims on water
  • looks cool and trendy aus
  • lightweight, stable , low wear and tear,
  • for rowers, kajaks, SUP, canoe
  • hands free while sportive
  • easy wrapping , easy packing

This Bag is fun: waterproof, and easy to carry, when walking, swimming and easy to place in yout boat or Kajak.

A bag that allows you to take your belongings with you while you go for outdoor sports at the beach or while floating down a river when it is not always convenient to leave your belongings behind.  It is also perfect for keeping your clothes and personal gear dry and protected during aquatic activities.

Unlike most other dry bags, the bag is made of lightweight, durable ripstop nylon that is not only waterproof, but if folded properly with air contained inside the bag, it floats and can double as a swim pillow. Simply pack your  belongings inside the bag and roll down the top seven times while leaving air trapped inside. Strap the bag around your waist with the carrying strap and go for a swim. The bags are available inone size and several vibrant colors, and can be customized with logos or other designs.


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Get the Rowing and Swimming Backpack.

For swimming and rowing. The ideal protection for everything, 
was not to get wet. This is real workmanship and practically
indestructible. Get your backpack!

The backpack - that's how you use it
You simply unfold the Bag and filled with his seven things.
But enough space, which makes you feel good and has the right 
buoyancy in the water. If you have everything, wrap it up seven 
times. Then you press the click fastener. Now he is too and 
completely safe. Buckle is on the back and paddles just go. 
Of course you can also sweat a lot, because you have your 
hands free and you do not have to forget anything - a good 

The rowing and swimming backpack - Size
If you have closed, the swimming backpack is missing approx. 
50 cm x 50 cm. With its capacity of 30 liters you have your 
own darin. Without your stuff weighs only 800 grams and let 
you wrap great small for your suitcase.



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