Covid-19 Rowing Tours

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Dear Rowing Guests and Rowing Friends

Rowing Tours in 2021

The present situation in many countries and the impact of COVID-19 infections have lead us to the decision to reduce our tour offers and camps until August 301h. 2021. It is unclear to us and the medical experts how long this situation will last.

Rowing in Europe expects to perform all tours staring from September until the end of this year. There is some uncertainty in our planning. Still, the plan is to start in September with our next tour.

Rowing Tours restart in September to November

What will happen to our registered guests? All guest, who have paid their trip will receive a gift certificate or a refund of their paid tour costs. In certain cases we need to subtract a small transaction fee the financial institute has charged to us.


a) Check with us or write an email for latest touring information.

b) All tours will be performed with high hygiene standards. We require a valid vaccine certification before entering the boat at day one or a negative PCR Test result, not older than 72 hrs before tour start.



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