Dubai, UAE

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Rowing in Dubai March 10-13/2019

Rowing in Dubai – Winter Escape. Join our tour in the United Arabian Emirates.

The UAE are a federation of 7 emirates in the south eastern part of the Gulf of Arabia. It’s coast faces the Arabian Gulf  and It borders to Saudi Arabia and Oman. Dubai is a one of the most recognized and important cultural and economic centers. Renowned for its multi-cultural society and hospitality, Dubai is a wonderful destination that will fascinate and exhilarate. The UAE are the most advanced society in the Middle East with the 7th biggest oil reservoir in the world. Our rowing will be in Dubai. A metropolitan city with almost 2.500.000 inhabitants. This sophisticated city attracts more than 15 million visitors every year. Discover the Dubai Creek, during a beautiful row down to the natural flamingo sanctuary. A great opportunity to see Dubai from a completely different perspective. No matter which time of the day, Dubai has so much to offer. What about bird Spotting (not just flamingos!) or the Dubai Canal? Most people love the Palm Route. Famous 6* Hotels and an astonishing architecture will be on your way.

We partner with Monty Khwaja, founder and owner of the most rewarded rowing company in the UAE. He meets the best in class standards and works close with the UAE rowing federation. Our team will make sure, that your tour will be a great success.

Off course we have designed our tours unique and fascinating. You row in the morning and you will enjoy the sunrise: As the sun rises over the desert, it really is a beautifull scenic row! Best at sunrise and also good for dolphin spotting. There will be rowing also in the late afternoon. In case you do not want to be exposed to sunshine: Follow us on the Marina route or to Dubai Canal- Dubai’s newest waterway. This route goes around the back of the Burj Khalifa (world’s tallest building) with some stunning urbanization including the new Dubai Opera House. Good at any time of the day but better to start in the morning.

Dubai Rowing tour– e.g. the famous Palm Route
All pictures: @Monty’s rowing school

Dubai Rowing Tour: Prices starting at 2600.00 Euro.

Incl:7 Nights in 5*Hotel and breakfast (double room accommodation)

  • 5 rowing days / 10 half day adventures,
  • rowing days, Boat rental,
  • Local tour support

Free Kayaking, SUP at Hotel beach

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