France: Epernay to Paris

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France- From Epernay to Paris

The River Marne is a river in northern France, 326 miles (525 km) long, rising 4.5 miles (7.2 km) south of Langres on the Langres Plateau. Flowing north-northwest in a wide valley past Chaumont and Saint-Dizier, it then turns west before veering northwest to skirt Vitryl-François and Châlons-sur-Marne; it then flows west to Épernay, where it crosses undulating wine-growing country. After flowing through Château-Thierry, it meanders through grain-growing lands and passes La Ferté-sous Jouarre and Meaux before making a wide loop southeast of Paris and entering the Seine River at Charenton, an eastern suburb of Paris.

Rowing on the River Marne

There are 18 locks. Nearly half of them are automatic. These locks sometimes cannot be passed with a rowing boat because of lack of size. (Automatic locks are made for Houseboats and yachts). Carrying the boats around the lock might be a consequence. The closer you get to Paris, the better equipped are the locks. Friendly guards are there to let you in. Vignette and permits are needed.

The river is generally lush, wide and gentle flowing; the scenery is leafy even as it approaches Paris. Its character does alter at Meaux where the Canal de Challifert that by-passes the river, marks a division between the obviously man-made and Parisian; and the predominately rural landscape. The river carries commercial traffic and is also a significant leisure water sports resource for eastern Paris. Particularly at weekends you will find many rowing clubs, having their training tracks there. Whilst upstream of La Ferte you may see very few other yachts and boats for hours at a time. Downstream towards Paris this increases in both, size and quantity and you will encounter a fair number of péniches and push-tows between Paris and Meaux.

Highlights of the tour can be a visit of Epernay City including a tour in the Champagne Cellars and a visit to Meaux. Meaux City is famous for the ”Brie” a well tasting Camenbert type of soft
cheese, and of course the amazing capital of Paris.

Hotel accommodation will be close to the river, the option is to stany in different hotels every day or 2-3 days at each hotel with transfers.

Alternately Rowing in Europe offers 2 tours: Tour 1, 4 Days from Maux to Paris / Tour 2, 6 Days Epernay to Paris

Dourdates and prices are coming soon.


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