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Rowing in Galicia, Spain.  Vigo to Santiago de Compostella

Rowing and Hiking the “Camino”. Earn your credentials in a rowing boat.

 In Cooperation with the Irish College of Santiago de Compostella  we are offering a really unique way to combine pilgrim hiking with pilgrim rowing:  Rowing to Santiago,  125 Km History: After catholic Ireland was taken over by the Protestants (Tudor Dynasty) in the 16th century, many Irish People  Fled to France,  Spain and Portugal to continue their believe or start professional Careers in catholic regions of Europe.  Many colleges were set up by the Roman Catholic Church to enable education for Irish abroad. In history and today, Irish colleges were important centers for the writing of Irish history and the preservation of Ireland’s rich cultural traditions One famous colleges was built in Santiago which will reopen in 2018.

Our rowing activity will start in Vigo. Here, we will board our modern coastal boats and start rowing. The daily stretches are between 20 and 25 km. There is plenty of time to relax and we have no hurry in the boats.

During the night we will stay in comfortable 4* Hotels very privileged on some of the islands. Plus: We enjoy the Spanish and Galician Cuisine. Something to remember. Once we enter the rivers of the Santiago area, we will embark and hike to the Santiago cathedral. Your Pilgrims credentials will be provided, off course during the whole trip. If you decide to row with us in Porto after hiking the “Camino Portugues” please let us know. We can help with transportation. This is a perfect partner  tour: you row while your partner hikes?

Pilgrims Rowing  tour:                                                                        Dates in 2018

Incl:                                                                                                           Costs: starting at 1350€


6/7 Nights in 4* Hotel and breakfast                                          April 29 – May  5th 2018/ Tour closed

·         5 day rowing adventures,                                                              May 22-27.2018

·         Local  tour support,  Boat rental, Lunches






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