Does size matter?

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Should short people row?

Should little people go on a hiking trip? Can it be good for your health?
Sure – Absolutely – remember, rowing is a strength and endurance sport. And a sport for everyone.

We can classify tour rowers …

Short and light (men under 50 kg and women under 45 kg) that would go well with a helmsman/woman. But not only that. Don’t let yourself be confused, even if your stroke is a little short. Row along with them. The “extreme outriggers” will get used to you.

Short and medium weight (60-75 kg) They are the perfect lightweight. Even if they only lie at 165 cm.  There are big and small people in the rowing tour – the key is the physical flexibility and the rowing rhythm feeling.

Do you have a handicap? Knee or hip surgery behind you? That’s not an issue. Rowing in Europe has had many guests with new knees or second hips. Every person could rowing without any problems. Every day 5–6 hours and more than 25-30 km. Even if you are a little stiffer, or even have problems getting in, take your time and ask for support.

Don’t worry about it. The journey begins with you. Of course it makes sense to do some gymnastics before every trip.  There are stretching exercises to improve them …. You will gain stroke length if your body is flexible. Your teammates will appreciate this.

Short and heavy. The weight of the boat design limits the weight of the persons. Every modern tour boat has an average crew weight of 90-100 kg, i.e. 5 rowers with a weight of 100 kg. Pull half a ton. Simply possible. If we have spoken with the experts of rowing in Europe, this constellation has never happened in 6 years. Very often there are 2-3 heavier people on board and rowing has never been a problem.


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