Rowing in Estonia

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Rowing in Estonia. Everything is real.

Emajõgi, is a river in Estonia which flows from Lake Võrtsjärv through Tartu County into Lake Peipus, It has a length of 100 km. The name Emajõgi means “Mother River” in Estonian. Emajõgi is the second largest river in Estonia by discharge and the only fully navigable river.

The course of Emajõgi is divided into 3 distinct sections. In the upper course, from Võrtsjärv to Kärevere bridge, the river flows through large, flat and marshy areas, which are part of Alam-Pedja Nature Reserve. In this heavily meandering section, Emajõgi lacks a clearly defined floodplain.

In the middle course from Kärevere to Kavastu through Tartu, Emajõgi follows a straighter course and flows in a clearly defined, shallow valley mostly a maximum of 10 m deep. The width of the valley in the middle course is 1-1.5 km; in Tartu, it narrows to 800 m. No danger for us in summer and a “must see”.

The total amount of kilometers will reach ca. 160-165. Off course there will be also enough time to meet locals and sufficient time to do sightseeing. Plus: our tour guides are very familiar with the local culture and will provide as much information as they can. They speak English and German. We will be rowing the river and some lakes for 5 days.

Emajogi River Tour: Price and dates coming soon.


  • 6 Nights in local hotels
  • 5 Rowing days
  • Local support
  • Boat rental
  • Accomodation in double rooms

Not incl.: 2 Nights in Tallin


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