Italy Adriatic Sea

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Rowing in Italy – Bay of Trieste

We will start in ancient Grado, in the province of Fruili Veneto. From this destination we will row for approximately 130 km (depending on how much we wander….) through the Grado lagoon, connected by canals to the northern venetian lagoon and then heading on to Venice. We will row in a combination of channels, canals and open marshlands. Some channels are large and well travelled by “motoscafi”, many are shallow and only available to rowers. There are abandoned island monasteries, traditional fishing huts, and small agricultural concerns.

The Marano Grado lagoon is an extraordinary ecosystem in which a large territory is protected in natural preserves. Leaving this first lagoon, we will use a network of river deltas and canals running just inland from the very popular wide beaches and pine forests to make our way to the northern venetian lagoon, and navigate all the way to Venice.

We will typically row in the mornings and afternoons, picnicking or stopping at a simple restaurant for lunch. It is impossible to know all the little islands and hidden charms of the lagoons, so this will truly be a discovery tour. The lagoons will offer various occasions for impromptu stops to enjoy the moment.

9 days rowing trip on the adriatic sea. Tour dates and prices are coming soon.



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