Rowing in Germany Bavaria

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Rowing the Main River

The Main River is a great resort for rowing. You will find a lot of history and culture along the river, like the beautiful city of Bamberg. This town is situated in a region that is filled with culture and history. Founded in 902, the Old Town of Bamberg is now a UNESCO World Heritage Site that features a stunning 11th-century cathedral that holds the tomb of Pope Clement II and a 17th-century house, the Neue Residenz, which once belonged to bishops. Bamberg is also known for its symphony orchestra and its unique smoky beer, called Rauchbier.

Another great city to explore is Würzburg, Germany’s famous “Romantic Road” travels away from the river and toward the well-preserved medieval town of Rothenburg. This charming town overlooks the Tauber River and contains buildings with impressive architecture, ranging from Gothic to Baroque.

While touring this river, you will be surrounded by idyllic vineyards, finding yourself in the heart of the Franconian wine region. Rowers from throughout the world may be familiar with the taste of these wines and the distinctive flattened, bulbous shape of their bottles. By this point, the river cruise has become extraordinarily scenic, as the river is lined with lovely forests as well as small towns and dotted with hilltop castles and churches, some of them in good condition and others in states of picturesque ruins.

Johannisburg Palace sits prominently above the town of Aschaffenburg with a spectacular view over the river. The architectural masterpieces of Balthasar Neumann, such as the Bishops’ Residenz, adorn the beautiful city of Würzburg. The city suffered massive damage during World War II, with roughly 85% of it lying in ruins at the war’s end, but Würzburg has since been rebuilt and, happily for rowing tours, most of Würzburg’s historic buildings have been restored to their former glory. Every town along the Main has something exceptional to offer, from fascinating history to breathtaking views.

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