Rowing In Latvia – The Lielupe River

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Romantic rowing tour on the Lielupe River – 13.Aug.- 20.Aug. 2019
Row and socialize – along the banks of one of the most beautiful river in Europe

Rowing in Europe offers a beautiful tour on the authentic river in Latvia: The Lielupe River

The river Lielupe basin is one of the three transboundary river basin districts shared between Latvia and Lithuania. The River basin district of Lielupe is the whole area from where the River Lielupe is receiving surface and underground waters via rivers, brooks, and springs and even from the land surface as direct runoff after precipitation. The river Lielupe itself is originating at the confluence of the river Mūsa (or Mūša in Lithuanian) and the river Mēmele (or Nemunelis in Lithuanian) in Bauska city in Latvia.

For many years the Lielupe would frequently overflow its shallow banks and flood surrounding fields and villages, particularly during the spring thaw. Today many parts of the Lielupe’s banks are contained with earthen dikes to prevent disastrous floods. Much of the Lielupe is covered in river grasses. At its lower reaches, the river flows parallel to the coast line of the Gulf of Riga; the city of Jūrmala beautifully stretches for almost 30 km between the river and the sea. A great panorama when rowing along the river banks. Of course our two experience tour guide will get you familiar with the local Latvian Culture.

Our rowing adventure will start in Riga, where we have our meeting point. From here on we transfer to the beginning of this rowing trip. We will be rowing ca. 140 Km on the Lielupe river, starting from Stalgiene to Baltezers and finally row some 25/30 Km at the Bay of Riga. This medium level tour is suitable for all rowers with good and sufficient endurance. No special requirements are needed.

Inclusive: 7 Nights in local Hotels w/BF

• 5-6 rowing days,
• Local tour support
• Boat rental
• Double room accommodations

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