GIG – Rowing in Spain – Bay of Santander

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Rowing in Spain: Fall in love with the Bay of Santander 02.07-06.07.2019

We offer you the wonderful possibility to enjoy rowing the breath-taking bay of Santander in the traditional rowing boat of Cantabria: the “trainera”. Fixed seat rowing at it’s Best

GIG Rowing in Spain: The Bay of Santander

… is the largest estuary on the North coast of Spain, with an extension of 22.42 km² 9 km long and 5 km wide. The Bay of Santander is part of the ‘most beautiful bays of the world’ club, and for good reason. Historically, Santander has been known for its beautiful seaside location, which has made it an important port since Roman times. In fact, the views over the bay are worthy of a postcard picture and leave all visitors impressed. You will have the opportunity to dedicate two days to row along this beautiful bay and discover Santander from the sea.

On the third day we will go to Laredo from where we will start our Gig rowing excursion along the bay and marshes of Santoña up to the bridge of Colindres and estuary of the Treto river. You will also be delighted of rowing this area as it is part of a natural park with great views and the opportunity of doing some bird watching.

GIG Rowing in Spain: Where we start

Our trip starts in Pedreña, a small village next to Santander that we will reach on a 20 minutes boat trip. From this village we will start our rowing excursion around Santander’s bay. The rowing day will be divided into morning and afternoon sessions with a midday break for a meal. The rowing sessions will take about 3-4 hours each time and we will row about 47 km in three days (this route can change depending on the group’s request and tides). During the rowing activity, a chase boat (zodiac) will join us for the surveillance. To enter the trainera into the water, bring your water shoes or waterproofed Socks.  If you like, take a look at our rowing gloves in the shop.

Tours:  April, July, October

Cost: Starting at 955.00€

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