Rowing in Norway – Oslo Fjord and Telemark Canal

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Rowing in Norway – Oslo Fjord and Telemark 13-19 Juli 2019

8 or 14 days in July 2019

Rowing in Europe offers the wonderful possibility to experience pure nature in Norway. This is a one or two week combination rowing tour. The two destinations are relatively close to each other which implies a minimum of logistics.

We start in the northern part of the Oslo Fjord. The Fjord has an inlet in the south–east of the country. It is a part of the Skagerrak strait, connecting the Kattegat and the North Sea with the Baltic sea. In geological sense it is not a fjord, it is a waterway with many islands and beautiful landscape. Each Island has their own identity-that is what makes it so beautiful for rowers. Steep parts of the fjord change with forest covered hills.

Week one starts in Oslo. We are centrally located in a hotel with direct access to water and boats. We depart from and return to the same hotel every day which implies no luggage removal during the week.

The second week we transfer to the Telemark Canal, by some considered as the 8th wonder of the world. Originally planned as two canals, the waterway today connects Skien and Dalen in the southern part of Norway. It is called the Skien watershed and has a series of locks and its purpose was for log floating, passenger transport and flood prevention. The Canal stretches over 105 km and has 18 locks. The elevation difference is 72 meters.

We will limit our accommodation along the canal and we will transfer during morning and evening. We will be rowing from Skien to Ulefoss, Kilien, Kviteseid  to Dalen.

Of course both tours can be booked separately. Rowing will be in coxed touring Gigs, C-Gigs4X/+. Boots have easy access and good storage possibility.

Tour costs:
Oslo Fjord: starts at 1550,- €, HB
Telemark: starts at 1575,- € , FB while rowing

Extras: Single rooms, ferry, locks. Ask for personal offer.

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