Rowing in Poland : Romantic rowing tour on the Warta River

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Row and socialize along the banks of one of the most beautiful river in Europe.

Rowing in Europe offers a wonderful rowing tour in Poland: The Warta river Tour.
The Warta is a river in western-central Poland, a tributary of the Oder River. With a length of approximately 808 kilometres (502 mi) it is the country’s third-longest river. The Warta has a basin area of 54,529 square kilometers (21,054 sq mi) and it is navigable approximately half of its length.

The Greater Polish Warta Basin was the original Poland; it is said that the Polans (Polish: Polanie),
a West Slavic tribe, settled the Warta Basin in the 8th century. The river is also mentioned in the second stanza of the Polish national anthem, “Poland Is Not Yet Lost.” The river is really beautiful and picturesque. A river as nature has created it. The current passes through rocky canons and you will see animals resting on the nearby sandbanks. Our Tour guide is well aware of the river and leads us through with passion and knowledge.

Our rowing adventure will start in Konin, where we meet on the first day. The total trip will be 6 or 7
days. After 5 rowing days and having rowed 160 km we will arrive in Poznan, the famous Polish FISA
World Cup City. We will spend an extra day to do sightseeing or just to relax. This medium level tour is suitable for all rowers with good and sufficient endurance. No special requirements are needed.

Tourdates and prices are coming soon.


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