Rowing Gear- Wash and Waterproof

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Wash and waterproofed? How to waterproof your functional  rowing gear

What is going on with my rowing gilet. After washing, the impregnation is all gone. No hydrophobic effect. Water pures to my skin. Everybody knows it- rowing gear and functional clothing are washed and the impregnation is gone.

But: Here is what experts say: Functional gear can be washed , evenb should be washed after wearing it 10-15 times. 

What do I have to do so that my functional clothing is still waterproof?

Many of our functional clothing is waterproof, breathable and windproof. At least when we buy it. After all, it has cost a lot of money and should retain the functions even after washing. You have to pay attention to some things when you decide to wash it:

Which laundry detergent to use for functional clothing? No pores clog. Do not use softener

First, you need a suitable detergent as for rowing gear. These have the peculiarity that they do not clog the pores of the textiles and thus do not adversely affect the breathability of the functional clothing.

There are many functional detergents. We work best with Natch! In combination with the Natch impregnator Shiled one. If you have purchased a suitable detergent for functional clothing, you should still note whether there are separate care instructions for your functional clothing. You can find these, if available in the inner lining.

Use liquid detergent
Never use softener, this will settle on the tissue and clog the pores
Functional detergents like Natch!

  • Wash in the pre-wash cycle and wash gentle.
  • Add impregnators such as Natch Shiled one to the main cycle and wash in a gentle cycle.
  • Do not spin or spin slowly,
  • best let air dry
  • Choose a “easy care” wash
    Option: Use a laundry bag

What about the use of dryers and power impregnation?

After washing, the clothes are now waterproofed. The “power impregnator” can now do the clothes again. Put in Tumbler, on low heat for 10-20 minutes in the dryer.

Functional clothes in the dryer: Any heat after washing has a positive effect on water repellent garments because heat reactivates the water repellent impregnation effect. If you own a dryer and the clothes are suitable, I recommend to dry them carefully after an impregnating detergent. So done, your functional clothing is now as new, smells fresh and the wind and weather function is fully restored

Can I also impregnate the shoes?

Sure: use a Natch shield one to soak wet cloth. Lay the cloth on the surface and apply Natch with water diluted.


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