Spray or Wash – What impregnates better?

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Spray or wash

Again and again I get angry about the loss of impregnation when I wash my rowing clothes. I already have the topic with my rain gear or ski clothes. What do I do with functional clothing? How should I reactivate the impregnation?

Basically there are two approaches: Wash in or spray on.


if necessary

Impregnating detergent Impregnation spray
Time to impregnate? First after washing in a separate wash or as a combined solution After drying
How to impregnate? 1. impregnating detergent in the rinsing chamber
2. start gentle cycle
3. drying (ideal in the tumble dryer)
1. spray dry clothing over the entire surface
2. hang clothing on a hanger
3. allow to dry
Problems Chemistry to be washed may cause skin irritation with cheap products Poor spraying performance can lead to poor results. Read safety data sheet. Do not inhale
Advantages Simpler 2in1 operation
Uniform impregnation
Selected surfaces can be impregnated more strongly/weakly
Disadvantages Depletion of breathability, impregnation requires wash cycle Difficult to achieve a uniform large area impregnation, washing as an independent process (duration), health
Frequency Not necessary after every wash – depending on load and expected weather Ye after stress and expected weather
Costs From 6.00 to 22.00 EUR From 7,00 to 19,00 EUR


So it almost doesn’t matter. If you have a little more time and are looking for an “all-in” solution, washing is your best bet.

Spraying is quick, but does not work without problems from a health point of view.


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